I am a director with years of experience across the production board, having started out in editing, and then moving into writing and producing.  I love working in any genre but I have a particular passion for comedy. Here’s a montage of some very funny people with whom I’ve been lucky enough to work:

I am also a writer, and have had a hand in several broadcast scripts and pilots, adverts for television, and of course the short and feature-length films I have co-produced.

I have more than a decade of professional credits with major broadcast channels, including BBC and ITV, as well as hundreds of online videos, shorts, ads and music promos.

You can have a look at my CV here.


My year started with shooting and cutting a new dramedy pilot written by Andi Osho called Rough, about a small community of rough sleepers and their trials and tribulations. Working with legends like Simon Lupton and Dan Sefton behind the camera, and a cast including James Buckley, Anita Dobson, Nabil Elouahabi and Derek Griffiths, was an absolute blast and an incredible opportunity to learn from some greats.

Then COVID-19 happened, and all shooting projects shut down.

Luckily I managed to keep working, producing the Queenpod (a podcast about the band Queen), editing (and doing a bit of tech advising) the anarchic CBBC show Monster Court, and making a music video with Brian May, Kerry Ellis, and other West End legends.

The last project of the year was producing a 3D animated advert for 888 Casino, which was an awesome new experience.


We’ve just finished a new FMW short film, Final Curtain, which won Best No-Budget Short at Wales International FIlm Festival, and next I’m directing a new comic documentary for Whizzkid about plus-sized male models which should turn out great.

August edit: It’s a weird life sometimes. I’ve just directed a hip hop video starring Rob Rinder, Katherine Ryan and Big Narstie for the new topical comedy show The Rinder Verdict. Not something I expected to say, but it turned out awesome!

Loads more writing for Recipe. It’s quite a release to work on such short projects as adverts – they get the creative juices flowing, you purge, then move on to the next thing.


I’ve just written, produced, directed and edited an hour-long comedy-shockumentary for Channel 5: The Shocking Truth About Food of which I’m very proud – just one person on a laptop making primetime telly!

Before that I edited a new show for BBC3, Supercar Superfam, and Fin Taylor Plays Bullshit Bingo and S2 of Josh Investigates, both for Comedy Central.

At the start of the year I made a pilot for a haunted house reality show for Whizzkid Entertainment and with the wonderful Rich Smith producing.

Plus, the features keep going! The Man You’re Not screened at the East End Film Festival, and won lovely awards, and The Trap is still being watched and enjoyed on Amazon!


Late in the year I directed and edited my second advert for Microsoft, a 120″ promo for Omen by HP & Intel.

For broadcast I directed and edited Go 8-bit DLC, a ten-episode comedy chat/sketch magazine show for Dave (UKTV).

For the second year running I had a film – Godless – in the Cannes Court Metrage short film festival.


I recently co-wrote, produced and directed What’s the Facts? for ITV2, which was in the Guardian’s pick of the telly.

My second feature-length film, The Trap, won the jury prize at the Monkey Bread Tree Festival, The Jury Award and Best Foreign Feature at Fright Night Film Fest and was selected for the New York International Film Festival and the Singapore World International Film Festival.

Also, my short film Silent Country was shown at the Cannes Court Metrage 2016, and a semi-finalist (official selection) at LA Cinefest 2017.

Have a look around this website, where you’ll find more showreels, details and lots of links.

Get in touch at info@fergusmarch.co.uk